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About Us Living Hope
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Living Hope Association is a registered Trust / NGO based in Bangalore, India and working all over India. LHA’s main objectives are through Christian values to help underprivileged children and families through Family and Community Outreach Programs, Children’s Programs and Women’s Empowerment Programs.

Three main activities of the Organization are:

  1. Family and Community Social Outreach Programs
    Through this we program we seek to support families through providing a sense of community, social activities and teachings about Christian values.
  1. Children’s Programs
    o   Living Hope Children’s Home: Living Hope Children’s Home is committed to providing opportunities for underprivileged children to develop into successful citizens through a mix of innovative educational, creative and social programs.

o   After-School Tuition: All children at Living Hope Children’s Home take part in Living Hope’s After-School Tuition Program. This program seeks to help all children with their school homework, as well as providing additional tuition in basic literacy and numeracy for struggling students and extension for academically gifted students.

o   Anton Public School: Anton Public School is run by Living Hope Association and is recognised by the Government of Karnataka. This school complements Living Hope Children’s Home and further provides quality education for at-risk children, with a strong focus on academics, extra-curricular activities, life skills and values.

  1. Women Empowerment Program
    Ladies Ministry: The women who are part of the communities that LHA works at, we help them through adult literacy and tailoring projects to create a community with independent women and to support network of women through regular women’s meetings.


Our Vision: To provide shelter, education and healthcare for underprivileged children and to foster their development into the global leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission: To providing opportunities for underprivileged children to develop into successful citizens through a mix of innovative educational, creative and social programs.

Our Goals: To be supporting 200 underprivileged children by 2020.

A developing city is a magnet for talent and labour, and migrant workers from the rural outskirts often flock there in search of better lives – with their family in tow. Bangalore, a city of diverse backgrounds, is also a city in need. As these migrant workers contribute to the growth of the city’s economy, their children are often neglected and exposed to unsanitary conditions, exploitation and criminal activity. Deprived of an opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle, it is not uncommon that many of them end up falling by the wayside.

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well”. Aristotle

Living Hope Children’s Home is an organization, which strives to provide shelter and education to the underprivileged children of our country. However, the primary mission of LHCH is to brighten the world with these children’s smiles; and if smiles were candles, this home would never be dark.

While academic education is always encouraged, the other interests of each child are also never ignored. LHCH is the perfect platform for the budding athlete, singer, artist or even agriculturist! The home offers a slew of activities to the children, ranging from domestic activities such as gardening and sewing, to more vigorous activities such as football and dancing.

It is often said that the future of the world resides in the hands of children. LHCH does not offer these children the future of the world, but instead a future of their own. It provides them with a choice. They are allowed to choose their own path, instead of having to walk down the one forced upon them by the circumstances of poverty. Most importantly, as its name suggests, this home offers the children hope.

Key Objectives of Living Hope Children’s Home

  • To provide temporary care to children until they can return to their families or a long term alternative living arrangement is found
  • To provide substitute care for children in a stable and safe living environment
  • To provide equality education to the children in our care
  • To encourage the development of potential, responsibility, self-esteem and self-care of the children in our care
  • To provide a programme of residential care
  • To protect and promote the health and welfare of children and nurture their overall growth and development, including their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.